Learn To Drive in Dover



Theory Test


consists of 50 multi-chose questions all based on the  highway code and road safety matters. The test lasts 57 minutes and you will need to answer at least 44 questions correctly in order to pass.

The theory test is taken using a touch screen computer. Before the test begins you will have a fifteen minute practice session. During the test only one question will appear on screen at a time and you will be able to navigate backwards/forwards through the questions changing answers if necessary.


Hazard Perception Test
The test consists of 14 video clips filmed from a moving vehicle. The idea behind the test is to assess a driver's ability to recognise potential problems on the road ahead. Each clip will include one scoring hazard (except one clip which will have two) and the sooner you respond to that hazard the higher your score. You can score a maximum of 5 on each scoring hazard, so the test is out of 75 (15 scoring hazards) and the pass mark is 44.

A Hazard is defined as anything which may cause you, the driver, to change speed or direction. However the Hazard Perception Test scores you on your ability to recognise a 'developing hazard', and the easiest way to define that is a hazard that is changing and becoming more of a problem (eg. a parked car on the left starts indicating to pull out)