Practical Driving Test


The test is approximately 35 to 45 minutes long and the examiner will mark driving faults committed by the candidate on the test report form Driver Faults -

 relatively minor faults that do not cause a problem for other road users, and you are allowed up to 15 of these.

Serious Faults - these are faults that affect other road users or habitual Driver Faults (where you keep committing the same fault repeatedly). Even 1 Serious Fault constitutes a test failure.

Dangerous Faults - these are faults where the error was so serious that there was actual danger, either to the occupants of your car or to third parties. Again you are allowed no Dangerous Faults



Show Me, Tell Me Test

For this part of the test you will be required to carry out basic safety checks on your driving test vehicle. In order to pass you will need to answer two questions correctly.

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